Types of Windows

Its no doubt that uPVC is being preferred by many people because of its multifold advantages. Everyone would love to have a classy, trendy, aesthetic look to their space with also very minimal maintenance or after sale service; and that is what uPVC offers with its high quality and durability BlueDot uPVC BlueDot uPVC has a great team with great experience in uPVC and uses the highest quality products while manufacturing the same. uPVC Windows and doors from BlueDot are unmatchable in price as well as its looks because we understand that all the standardised products will not suit your living or work space and therefore we offer customisation of the products to suit your specific needs of your space.  The Different Types of Windows: 1. Twin Sash Windows – Twin Sash Windows are modern windows that provide an aesthetic and a classy look to the living space with Blue Dot uPVC. It combines the traditional casement windows with traditional inward opening fly screen in a single panel. A gril

How can one choose the right uPVC doors and windows?

How can one choose the right uPVC doors and windows?  It’s no doubt that people are using more  uPVC Windows and Doors  these days because of the features and advantages of it.  Who would not like trendy, modern windows and doors that are customisable in the colour and shape they want to match the colour theme of their house walls and furniture.  All of the above can be chosen if uPVC is used in their houses and office spaces.  But, if you are new to uPVC, how can you choose? What should be on your mind when you are choosing uPVC?  1. Strength                uPVC doors and windows are supposed to be strong and durable because of the mix of materials that it takes to make up uPVC. uPVC should also be of good quality that will make it last long.  2. Sound Insulation               uPVC is double or triple glazed and that prevents sound from entering into the space. This is in need of the house because noise pollution increases everyday. Therefore it is important that a good quality uPVC a

What is uPVC and its advantages

  What is uPVC and its advantages uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a hard plastic material that commonly is used to manufacture doors and windows. uPVC is an alternative to aluminium and timber windows.  uPVC are more durable, long lasting, require very less maintenance, and are more sustainable in nature.  uPVC windows can last as long as 50 years or more without compromising of their functionality; this is only because of the strength to not get affected by harsh weathers.  uPVC  is the best and the go to material for many households and commercial spaces because of their unbeatable advantages. 1. Classy Looks                     Of all the advantages, the top most of the list is that the look of a uPVC is completely classy and gives a rich and modern look to the space.  uPVC windows and doors from  Blue Dot have standard sizes but also have customised sizes that suit the interiors and the colours of space.  2. Excellent Durability                     uPVC Wind